This is the corner of the internet where I tell you how to do things, or show off stuff I did, or complain about things that are, to me, unacceptable.

All of which is incredibly narcissistic.

I don’t really know why you’re here.

Unless we see eye-to-eye on things, or you’d like to know more about cookies. In which case, f*ck yes. I like you already.

Also: The Sisters Oberth are me. And my sisters. And they are my favorites. Our mom was the kind of lady who was all about making stuff.  While this kind of bummed us out occasionally (see: toy stores, Halloween, replacing our kitchen floor tiles), it did mean we grew up in house where it was okay to paint rocks and hot glue things to other things and rollerblade inside while the kitchen floor got redone, which is exactly as much fun as it sounds. This instilled in us a mindset that a) we can do anything and b) other people can be supremely lame, compared to us.

So there you go.

  1. I like your blog! it’s fresh and funny. You family has a Frenchie, so do we. You obviously like cooking, it’s our hobby, too! You like crafts and have an etsy account – too many coincidences! I will follow you! :)

    • Lexi said:

      You’re too sweet. Just peeked at your blog and good lord, we have tons in common. Which must mean you are awesome.

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