How to Make a Shark Change Jar

finished change jar

A lot of people have a change jar.

And a lot of people have an ugly change jar.

One of those people was my boyfriend.

original change jar

He liked is because the opening was big enough to fire change into from across the room. I hated it because look at it. So I fixed it. Here’s how:


  • Grey felt
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine / needle & thread


Step 1: Cover the body

Whatever size it is, cover the body in felt. I pinned mine in place and sewed a seam down the length of the body, but I also think hot glue will do the trick.

Tuck excess fabric into the mouth hole and glue it down.

shark mouth

Step 2: Add the teeth

Cut a bunch (because you guys, sharks have a lot of teeth) of triangles out of white felt. Glue them from the underside of the mouth.

shark teethGod, he already looks angry.

Step 3: Sew and Add Fins

I cut out two small fins and one slightly larger dorsal fin – two pieces of felt for each to make them more three-dimensional.

shark fins

Sew the long sides of the fins together, leaving the short side open.

sew shark fin

Turn them inside out.

Glue them to the sides and back of your shark body.

shark fin attachedStep 4: Add Eyes

Bog ol’ dorky eyes make everything better. Cut out two large white circles, and two smaller black circles. Now is your chance to make your shark cross eyed or forever looking to the right or left.

Yes, glue those on too.

finished sharkNow feed him all your change.


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