Thing I Love #47: Big Sur

Reasons not to go to Big Sur:

1. It is too beautiful.

There is a good chance that on the way there, you will drive off a cliff because you are staring at a beach.

big sur coastline

big sur coastline

2. Poison Oak.


3. Hippies.

This area is rife with them. They will be driving VWs, wearing lots of layers, and probably have one-too-many piercings. Dangerous? Not really. Annoying? Yes.

big sur VW van

4. Seaweed

The unknown killer of the ocean. It will wrap around your legs and drown you. Even if you are on the beach and several hundred feet from the water. It’s that good.

big sur seaweed

5. Whatever made these tracks.

big sur beach

6. The McWay Falls.

The falls are right off Highway 1, and are a protected little beach with a natural waterfall that empties onto the sand. The parking lot is off to the left; from it, just follow a short trail under the freeway through a tunnel to the cliffside trail. AND THEN FALL OFF IT TO YOUR DEATH.

mcway falls tunnelThe views. Are. Amazing. I’ve never wanted to kayak illegally anywhere more than this.

mcway falls

Stop it, California.

7. Buzzard’s Roost Loop

You know what buzzards do, right? They eat dead things. If that’s not a warning sign to stay away, I don’t know what is.

buzzards roost loop sign

You can’t see them, but I bet there were buzzards circling right above us.

big sur moss BigSur_moss

8. Deadly Caterpillars

How could this not be poison.

big sur caterpillar


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