How to Make Dessert Trays

Because sometimes, your little sister gets engaged and you want to make sure her engagement party is as goddamn adorable as possible.

Because sometimes you need to buy 30 vintage plates at a time from Urban Ore.

Because buying crazy industrial glue is fun.

Because, look how pretty.

finished tray

Keep reading for the full How To.

Here’s what you need:

Wooden candlesticks of varying heights (I bought mine here)
Glue (make sure it bonds to ceramics and wood)
Paints and/or varnish

tray materials

Start by assembling the trays. Figue out which big plates looks good with which little plates, and which candlesticks you want to use to create the bases and spacers. I guess you don’t have to do this part ahead of time, but it’s a good way to use each piece in the best way possible.

tray layouts

Next, paint or varnish the candlesticks. You can leave them plain of course, but why would you when you could add stripes or polka dots or a nice varnish-y shine?

tray taped

candlesticks with stickers

tray varnishedOkay. Let them dry for at least a couple of hours.

*two hours pass*

Good. You have the crafting skills of a warm day.

The next step is gluing the plates to the candlesticks. Here’s an easy way to center the candlestick if you’re using a plate as the base, or to find the center of the top plate on your tray:

1. Trace the plate.
2. Cut out the circle.
3. Fold it into quarters.
4. Hold the rounded side of the paper against the edge of the plate, and make a dot at the point on the plate.

how to centerAdd a dollop of glue to the plate or the the candlestick, then firmly press the two together. Wipe off ay excess glue that squeezes out to one side.



plate_glue3Now put those waiting skills to use again, and let the glue dry according to the directions on the packaging.

That’s it! Fill with goodies and make your friends tell you again and again how everything you touch turns adorable.

finished tray


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