How to: the Sexy Ikea Bag Costume

What’s sexier than an IKEA bag?

Not much.

So strap on your meatballs and get to IKEA. Here’s what you need:

One IKEA bag
Blue tights
White T-shirt
Iron-on fabric transfer paper
Optional: Empty IKEA meatball bags, IKEA measuring tape

Step 1: Make your IKEA package shirt.

This is the sexy part, so go as deep-V as you want. Use an existing IKEA product, or make up your own. Like me: Sklärg.

Print out 2 copies of your IKEA product name onto transfer paper. Be sure to print them out in mirror image – if you can’t easily do this in a word program, save your word doc as a PDF and flip them in an image editing program. Like PicMonkey. Cut out the words. Slip a piece of cardboard or a folded-up towel inside the shirt and put the words on the shirt, facedown. Using slow movements, iron over the words side to side, then up and down. Avery has a good tutorial for using iron-on fabric transfers.

Let the transfers cool for at least two minutes, then peel off the paper.

Step 2: Cut leg holes in your IKEA bag.

This is when you use scissors. Open your bag and step inside to determine where to cut the leg holes. Cut holes. Cut bigger holes. Cut bigger and bigger holes until your thighs fit. Reinforce the edges with duct tape, because duct tape is the magic that makes homemade Halloween costumes work. Duct tape also less itchy than cut-up IKEA bag.

Step 3: Make your ‘balls.

Empty and dry however many meatball bags you would like to incude with your costume. Eat all of/freeze the meatballs, then fill the empty bags with crumpled newspaper. Tape shut. Or staple. Your call. You can throw the meatball bags inside your costume or attach them artfully to the sides like I did.

Use IKEA measuring tapes as bows for your hair, if you’d like. And you WOULD like, I think. Also consider safety-pinning the bag’s straps to the top of your shirt, as mine stayed in place NOT AT ALL.

If you don’t score in this costume, at least you’ve got some meatballs waiting for you at home.

  1. 1suburbanchic said:

    LOL I follow “Ikea” and your post came up… Hilarious!

    • Lexi said:

      So glad you liked it. Not everyone got the humor, so clearly: you are brilliant.

    • Lexi said:

      Thanks! I try. Sometimes, I succeed.

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