I Love the Marin Headlands. But Also Hate Some Things About It.

It’s easy to find things to love and hate about living in the Bay Area. Shit. It’s easy to find things to love and hate about living anywhere. I think Northern Californians have a special struggle in this regard. Probably because I live here, but also because I’m smart. And discerning. Those are definitely different things.

So if you’re here, visit the Marin Headlands. Go to Pt. Bonita, hit up the frigid beaches, explore an old army bunker. It’s great.

But parts of the trip are not fantastic. You’ll have to battle tourists on the bridge and wait for them to take pictures in every scenic location along the trails. There will be trash too, because someone couldn’t be bothered to carry their empties back down the hill.

But maybe you’ll get to watch a turkey vulture from above, and perhaps we can all agree that makes it worthwhile.

The Bay Area has best of many worlds (like going from beach to mountains in just a few hours, good coffee, In-N-Out)…and the traffic to prove it. We have tourists and their dumb segway tours, but also we make money off them. We deal with hippies and pseudo-intellectuals and burners and hipsters on a daily basis, but we also get to complain about them. And that is some rich goddamn fodder.

Also we have fog.

We’re not all surfers. But there are surfers here, and ones dedicated enough to jump in the Pacific for a few hours on a foggy Monday and give us some entertainment. Because as in any sport, the fails are almost as much fun to watch as the wins. Especially if fails maybe involve sharks.

We have rad things like abandoned army bunkers to hike to and climb in. And a healthy population of vagrants and jerks who like to do sex to each other in those bunkers and leave their beer cans behind.

And who will also leave some graffiti.

But sometimes, really beautiful graffiti.

Sometimes not.

Northern California is a weird hodge-podge of old and new, locals and picture-taking, matching-sweatshirt-wearing tourists, gross and beautiful. And while I hate the guy I met in line at Trader Joe’s last night, I love that I got to buy dark chocolate Power Berries and olive oil for really cheap.

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  1. whiskydrinkinchimneysweep said:

    Bunkers, views, and fog. Sounds heavenly.

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