Thing I Hate #37: Dumb Words Beauty Magazines Use


You don’t mean “gams,” because you aren’t a gangster from the 1930s. You mean “legs.”


Oh, a dress? Because I’m pretty sure the only people who wear frocks also wore bloomers and petticoats and corsets. You affected twat.


Are you French? Then you can say “Fête.”


This is a legitimate word, it’s just used by horrid, self-important people who think they have impressive vocabularies. And don’t want to come out and say “snack.” Lameness by association.


Glamorous. Glamorous. Glamorous. Your mag sounds supes dumb when it abbrevs words.

  1. Kooz said:

    Hilarious! We share similar senses of humor… I love that you have a section for “things I hate”–I do too! Anyway, if you ever want to come write a guest post, stop by and let me know–I think you’d fit right in.

    • Lexi said:

      Thanks! Let me know if you’re in need of a guest poster – I’d be happy to contribute sometime.

      • Kooz said:

        I am always in need of guest posts. Check me out at Any topic you want is fair game and you can drop as many backlinks as you’d like. Hope to hear from you! (You can email me at kooztop5[at]gmail.

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