The Dipsea Trail

The Dipsea is a legendary, hilly-as-**** trail that runs from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach. Many know it as a challenging running race, famous for the 636 stairs that mark the beginning of the route. Or a full day, sweaty hike.

How to Hike (Not Run) the Dipsea:

Start in Mill Valley. Find parking. Find the trail head. A five year old helped us.

Keep following the signs for the Dipsea. There will be plenty.

Keep going uphill, and uphill, and uphill, until your shirt clings to your back and you have swampass.

Think about counting the stairs so that you can brag to your friends later.

Stop thinking about counting the stairs.

Start thinking about breathing enough instead.

Use photo ops as excuses to stop and catch your breath.

Record, for posterity, animals peeing by the trail.

After epic amounts of uphill, prepare your knees for the opposite direction. Try not to remember that you have to come back this way.

Examine the following closely:

  • Moss
  • Poops
  • Bridges
  • Tiny waterfalls
  • Slugs

Because they are cool.

Stinson Beach is the halfway/turnaround point. At this point, you may be making half serious, half joking remarks about hitching a ride home from a stranger.

Of course you’re joking.


When you get to Stinson remember that really, it’s a pretty awesome day.

Refuel with either food you carried, or whatever you want from the cafe near the beach.

Turn around.



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