Words I Have Invented

I’m taking credit for coming up with the following words/phrases. Most of them are two existing words that I haphazardly combined. Doesn’t matter. They’re still the tits.

Franctious (adjective)
A combination of fractious and anxious. Fussy and nervous and twitchy as hell.
When Frank realized the Serbian wanted to take a dump on his chest, he got a little franctious.

Flabric (noun)
Rolls of fabric that wad up when overweight people try to disguise their size with loose clothing. And then decide to move around.
The amount of flabric in the front of her pants took it from a camel toe to weird velour installation art.

Snickerdoodling (verb)
The act of making Snickerdoodles.
I snickerdoodled last night. Then I watched South Park.*

*True story.

Christ on a Bike (exclamation)
A mental image of Jesus Christ riding a bicycle; or, “Wow!”
Christ on a bike. That bear is better at  juggling than I will ever be.


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