How to Cover Things with Woodgrain Contact Paper: Project #1

I love all things woodgrain, real or faux bois and that is why I decided to cover an old oatmeal container with woodgrain contact paper I found at Home Depot. BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME.  Also because I have trouble throwing anything that is remotely useful away.

Side note: It is hard to put into words how much I love Home Depot. Nothing is better than the smell of sawdust and metal and paint. It is impossible to walk into that store and not want to build a fort. Also I love orange aprons.

This container (and more like it) will soon be filled with poppycorn and gifted to people I love. People I am lukewarm about will just get bran muffins or something.

Another side note: Every year during the holidays my sisters and I make a magical food known as “Poppycorn.” It is caramel-ly and crunchy and addictive. It is the Gisele Bündchen of chex mix. Only better. It is also a diabetic’s nightmare. I will tell you how to make it very soon.


Assemble your materials:
– Woodgrain contact paper (I recommend getting a light and dark shade. You’re going to use so much of this stuff in the future it can’t hurt to stock up now.)
– A container to cover – preferably something with straight sides
– Scissors and/or X-acto knife
– Pen
– Tape measure / ruler
– Stencils, if you want to make a label. Which you do.

Start by measuring the height and the circumference of the container you’re covering. Mark out those dimensions into a rectangle onto your contact paper. Be smarter than me and mark them out on the back.

Cut out the rectangle and wrap it around the container to see if you actually measured correctly. If you didn’t, either make adjustments or cut out another rectangle. If you did, give yourself a gold star for being a goddamn perfectionist. Then peel the backing off.

If you plan on doing lots of contact paper projects, I highly recommend growing out one fingernail super long to use as a tool for separating the paper from its backing. Separating the layers alone took me about five minutes.

Now, holding the container awkwardly between your knees, wrap the contact paper around it. Smooth out wrinkles and bubbles as you go. Contact paper is actually pretty forgiving, especially if you’re adhering it to a slightly-smooth surface, so if you can peel it up and start over if needed.

I of course needed to do this.

A couple of times.

When you’re done, trim any long-ish edges with an X-acto knife.

I of course also needed to do this.

Now! Your container is covered! Easy like making fun of hipsters. But you want to add a label so everyone knows about the sexy things you’re keeping inside.

Grab your pen, contrast shade of contact paper, and stencil.

Turn the contact paper over and trace the mirror image of the stencils onto the backing (because you want the letters to face the correct direction when you attach them to the container).

I cannot believe I remembered to do this.

Now cut the letters out and start sticking them to your container. Seriously. It’s as easy as that.

Next: What the container looks like when it’s actually full of poppycorn! Please, get excited. For my sake.


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