Thing I hate #35: Thanksgiving Crafts

What I need to complain about today is related to Thanksgiving. And specifically, the terrifically crap Thanksgiving-themed crafts that seem to be an unspoken pillar of the holiday. Every year, children and adults all over America waste time, money, and perfectly good construction paper making bulky and unattractive Thanksgiving centerpieces. Horns of plenty. Decorative gourds. Borderline racist pilgrim-and-indian dioramas.

But the worst, the absolute worst, is the “Traced-Hand Turkey.” I don’t care if it helps kids develop motor skills. I don’t care if it’s a great way to use up the feathers from the boa that’s been disintegrating since Halloween. I don’t care if it preserves forever your memory of how little and precious their hands were in the Year of Our Lord 2011.

So, I took the obvious route and made some motivational-poster-themed examples.


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