Thing I Love #41: The Williamsburg Smorgasburg

Hipsters and over-priced vegan food and self-important vendors aside, I love farmer’s markets. Because they sell food there. Food that is usually much, much better than your standard grocery fare. And they give you samples of that food. Free samples. So stop bitching and try some of the cheese because it really is fantastic.

And the Smorgasburg weekend market in Williamsburg is just one of those places.

Smorgasburg’s view = bitching.

The only way to describe the noise I make when eating salty caramel chocolate is “inappropriate grunting.” Featuring Liddabit Sweets’ chocolate and Marisa Wu saltwater taffies.

Passionfruit donuts. Clearly someone knows just how to lure in the foodie hipsters of my generation.

Lemon Lime Olive Oil. This is the kind of thing you should eat at a Tuscan Villa with freshly baked bread, figs, and home-cured prosciutto, while sipping some sort of ridiculous wine, petting a goat, and watching the sun set.

Only really you’re in an empty lot surrounded by a bunch of EZ-Up tents and bearded guys in skinny jeans.

Vegan pumpkin pie squares and granola from Granola Lab. “Elemental Formula” granola was crunchy and delicious and the hippie in me wants some of it right now.


Bon Bon Bar chocolate samples from Fine & Raw Chocolate, based in Brooklyn. F*** me, those were good.

Taste-test Brooklyn Bitters, or take shots of maple syrup. Being a grown-up is fun.

I like any dessert that makes me feel like a giant. See also: gingerbread houses.

  1. I’m with you. The main reason I go to the Brooklyn Flea in my “hood” is for the food. I don’t need another tchotchke to dust and with the bed bud epidemic in the city, salvaged furniture and vintage clothes is a big yuck for me right now.

    • Lexi said:

      Right? That, and the people watching. There are some really amazing leggings going on in the world right now.

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