Thing I Love #40: Animals in Swings

Animals in swings look as awkward as I feel in a hammock.

I bet, I bet you can also find pictures of this hamster online posed in a dollhouse and wearing tiny hats. A big part of me doubts that hamsters are even sentient beings though, so whatever.
photo courtesy of Dragan*

I want to be on the kinds of drugs that  give you this idea.
photo courtesy of

Ok, this one’s not awkward at all. In fact, this bear looks relaxed enough to take a dump.
Man, I hope he took a dump.
photo courtesy of

Monkey motto: If there’s nothing good to fling poop at, just rub your junk on the side of a swing.
photo courtesy of yoppy

Not. Stoked.
photo courtesy of nowandthan.tumblr

As usual, the cat’s all, “Fuck that.”
photo courtesy of nimrodcooper

  1. Mary said:

    the cat one,the cat is not even on the swing FAIL!

    • Lexi said:

      That’s the point, Mary. That is entirely the point.

  2. Mr Grimsdale said:

    This is truly remarkable.

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