How to Make a Swimmer-Getting-Eaten-By-A-Shark Halloween Costume.


2 (or more) yards of grey felt
White felt
Stuffing (optional)
Clear bra straps
A Sharpie
A sewing machine
Very, very basic sewing skills.


1. Decide that this Halloween, you would like to wear something that:
a) is warm
b) is comfortable
c) does not rely on being a “slutty” version of a cartoon or fairy tale character for attention
d) is loosely based on one of your greatest fears

Congratulations: You’re going to be a swimmer getting eaten by a shark.

2. Buy fabric! And get felt! because it doesn’t need hemming! You’re going to need enough for a shark body and fins, so get at least two yards of grey stuff. Get three yards if you’re super tall. Wearing a too-short shark costume is lame.

Also buy white felt for teeth and eyes. It’s all about the details.

3. Cut out your fabric. Cut two half-oval shapes for the body, four fin shapes, two dorsal fin shapes, two eyes, and roughly a thousand small white triangles for teeth. I drew you a really helpful pattern below.

4. Pin the teeth around the mouth (snout?) of both shark bodies. Be generous. Sharks have a shit-ton of teeth.

5. Sew on the teeth and eyes. With your sewing machine. Obviously.

6. Sew the fins. Take two of the four fin silhouettes, and pin ’em together. Sew around the perimeter but leave open the flat side of the fin where it will attach to the shark body. Once you’ve sewn around the outside of the fin (except for that one part!), turn it inside out. Poke out the tip of the fin with a chopstick or something. Do the same with the remaining two fin pieces.

If you’d like to, you can loosely stuff the fins at this point to create a more 3-dimensional effect.

7. Sew the body. Turn the costume inside out, so that the right sides (the sides that you would like to be the exterior of the costume, ideally), are facing in. That means you’ll probably see the sewn-side of the teeth.

Pin the fins inside the body, so that once you turn it inside out, they stick away from the body properly. In the illustration below, dotted lines represent fins.

8. Sew on the dorsal fin. Make sure it’s on the same side as the shark’s eyes.

9. Add pupils and gills. Grab your black Sharpie and turn that bad boy inside out. It’s time to decorate.

10. Sew on the straps. Grab those clear bra straps and sew them on either side of the mouth, from the front to the back. You can hide this stitching behind a couple of teeth.

Now put on a sessy bikini top (or take your shirt off if you’re a dude), and have fun.


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