Thing I love #39: Bears Doing Ridiculous Things

Pictures are not my own, but captions sure as hell are.

Bob’s parents couldn’t bring themselves to tell him that a security fish was actually a pretty dumb idea.
photo by Rick Sheremeta

Mimmi spent Thursday showing strangers her butthole.
photo by Meta Penca

Usually humans who drove though here brought treats. And treats were way the f**k better than fish.
photo via moon mustache

The Bruins couldn’t understand why their new neighbors kept calling each “Papa” and “Sister” like those were real names or something.
photo from

It always pissed off the nazis when bears stole their motorcycles.
photo from wit + delight

Bill was sure the campers would let one of the toddlers out of that playpen eventually.
photo from

Even though he wasn’t wearing one of the family reunion t-shirts, Darryl was fairly certain he’d blend in at the picnic.
photo from

After sleeping with Marianne, Walter left her a giant turd in the middle of the bedroom floor.
photo from


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