Thing I hate #18: Butterfly-Anything

Photo courtesy of pareeerica/Flickr

Just like adding glitter, adding butterfly graphics, patterns or images to anything pussifies it. And makes it lame. And makes me hate it.

Butterflies have become an easy metaphor for someone transforming from a chubby worm into a thing of breathtaking beauty. Something every overweight, sweatpants-wearing, cigarette-sucking woman fancies for herself. It’s too bad that instead of actually changing things about their lives they choose to cover themselves in florid insect tattoos, buy hideous sheets and stick overly-swirly butterfly bumper stickers on their cars.

I bet if you asked them “Why all the butterflies?” you’d get responses like:

“They’re so pretty!”

“They’re like, flowers that can fly.”

“They were out of fairy figurines.”

“Umm, I don’t know?”

“I’m an entomologist. LOL! No, I’m not! They’re just so pretty.”


These lame-ass butterfly collectors are just subconsciously trying to convince the world that soon, really soon, they’re going to break out of their chrysalis and be a beautiful, inspiring, contributing member of society. Until then, they’ll just get this garden accessory.

Sander van der Wel/Flickr


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