Thing I love #12: Grocery Shopping

Photo courtesy of ginnerobot/Flickr

Grocery shopping is high on the list of activities that make me happy. I could spend hours wandering the aisles looking for fruits that look like gonads, trying (and failing) not to poke the ground meat, waffling between dried cranberries and raisins, inappropriately smelling everything, yelling at my friend to “come check out the weird label on this wine bottle! And these lobster! I think they’re still alive!” I feel sorry for anyone who has to go food shopping with me because chances are, they’ll be stuck in the store for a lot longer than they want to be.

More reasons I want to live in grocery stores below.

1. Grocery lists. I love food, and I love lists. Show me anything that combines the two and I’m pretty much sold.


2. I defy you to present me with anything that smells better than shelves of freshly baked bread.


3. Free samples. Have I ever mentioned how much I like free things? It’s a lot. And when it’s not a zit cream or feminine products, I like it even more. Hand it over, gloved-and-hair-netted lady. I want one.

Mr. T in DC/Flickr

4. They sell cheese in grocery stores.


5. People watching. I like making mean faces at babies stuck in shopping carts, watching harried-looking people wearing bluetooths (blueteeth? That’s awkward.) rush around looking for their dinner ingredients and trying to figure out the night ahead of someone with a bouquet of lilies, three cans of refried beans and vanilla extract. I also get completely mesmerized by the fluidity of the baggers at checkout.



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