Thing I Love #9: Peanut Butter

I would rather be eating peanut butter than doing pretty much anything else. If it has peanut butter on it, in it or around it, I will put it in my mouth. And all that implies.

The first thing people ask when you say you love peanut butter is if you prefer smooth or chunky. I don’t know why this matters, or what it says about you as person. Do chunky aficionados tend to be more liberal? Are smooth peanut butter addicts generally friendlier? Who the hell cares? I like peanut butter. Ask me more interesting questions or go away.

I love it on toast, with the caveat that it does not melt. As accepting as I am of all forms of peanut butter, I do not like it overly liquid. It should adhere, with dignity and tenacity, to the food to which it has been applied.

I also appreciate a generous ratio of peanut butter to bread. A thin layer of peanut butter simply will not do.

Nutella to be addressed soon.

Photo courtesy of dano


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