Thing I Love #5: Smells.

I smell things. Most things, in fact. If I’m eating something new, guaranteed I’m going to sniff it before I put it in my mouth. I smell people too. And yes, I will judge you based on that smell. The same goes for houses, laundry, cars, pets, new electronics, locker rooms…I always inhale.

The following are my top 10 smells. I defy you to come up with a superior list.

1. Toast.

2. Hot asphalt that has been sprayed with a hose. Preferably in the summer, preferably while washing your car and listening to classic rock.*

*It’s my list. I’ll be as specific as I want.

3. Rain.

4. Grass; this includes freshly-cut grass as well as wild grass that has been baking under the sun all day.

5. Any baked good containing apples.

6. Jasmine.

7. Men’s deodorant.

8. Woodsmoke.

9. Books, whether a fresh new paperback or an old, crinkly-paged novel I found at a used book store. They just smell interesting.

10. Sunscreen. So. Damn. Nostalgic.


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